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The GLBT Health Access Training Project offers free on-site trainings across the state that provide an overview of the barriers that GLBT people and their families face in accessing health care services.  Several dates have been setup already.  We often schedule additional trainings as requested.

The Community Standards of Practice for Provision of Quality Health Care Services for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Clients were developed to help providers eliminate barriers to care and deliver culturally competent services. With funding from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Health Access Project has developed curriculum and provide comprehensive trainings and technical assistance for agencies interested in implementing the Community Standards.

For those who are beyond the "101" level, we have also designed trainings, presentations, and other opportunities to learn about specific subject areas such as transgender health, focused health interests, the state of GLBT research, how to ask about sexual orientation/gender identity on forms, conducting evaluation, and many other areas.  Designed to educate staff at all levels of an organization, the trainings also describe how implementing the Community Standards can help improve the quality of services provided to GLBT clients and their families.   Staff of the Health Access Project and the Training Project will provide technical assistance and consultation to help agencies review and revise their policies and procedures as appropriate.

If you do not live within Massachusetts and are interested in having Health Access Project staff train or consult with your agency/company, contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

If you are interested in training specifically on HIV, please contact our Training and Education Program.  They are widely viewed as leaders in providing a variety of training and technical assistance to enhance providers' ability to better serve the needs of their clients and communities.

If you are interested in training on management and leadership support resource for community-based nonprofits, please contact the Management Assistance Program. They provide valuable management and leadership support resources for community-based nonprofits across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you are a nonprofit funded by the HIV/AIDS Bureau of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, you are eligible for MAP's services.

Here are some important things to consider when thinking about training and your agency:

  • Our trainings, technical assistance, and consultations are designed to help agencies identify barriers to care and to develop an action plan for improving the quality of services provided to GLBT people and their families.
  • Trainings can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each agency; staff of the Health Access Project will work with the agency director or other designated staff person to assess your agency's policies and procedures and provide a training that addresses your specific needs.
  • A significant number of staff at all levels (i.e., administrators, direct-care, and support staff) should attend the training if it is to be effective in identifying and eliminating barriers to care for GLBT consumers.
  • Smaller agencies may wish to organize a joint training with other agencies with which you normally collaborate. Staff at the Health Access Project can assist you with organizing multi-agency programs. Technical assistance and consultations will be provided to each agency participating.
  • If your agency would like to make arrangements for a training, please print out and complete a Training Application, which must be signed by your agency director or CEO. Submit the completed application to the Health Access Project at the address at the bottom of the application.



Training all staff, from front desk to executive directors, is the most effective way of ensuring a unified message for welcoming all clients.

We tailor training to your agencies needs, and help you create achievable goals.

An application for training and/or technical assistance can be found here.